Who we are

Valerie and Michel

Valerie – “Being a farmer’s daughter, I’ve known rural life with the seasons, its mutual help and it simplicity. My life has always been to forge ties with and understand our place in the world and in our environment. For many years I was a home carer while also working in tourism. I’ve also had training in aromatherapy, herbal medicine and energizing…”

Michel – “I’m a cook by trade, but as I love open air life I’ve worked, among other things, in agriculture. Cooking has always remained my passion which I love to share with family and friends. Come and taste our saffron flavoured products.”

Saffron, our story

We were born in the Quercy and knew families who grew saffron. We owned a campsite which was awarded a green key label, and a restaurant. We have always valued local produce, which is also quality produce made by fantastic, committed people we know.

Our restaurant allowed us to give pride of place to this spice in our dishes. The adventure started when we grew some bulbs in our garden whilst being partners in the associations of "saffron growers in the Quercy" and "Safranerio".




Saffron, our passion

We feel under the spell of this magical little flower, and as a result, the red gold revealed some of its secrets and virtues to us.

When we sold our business, it seemed only natural to become saffron producers and we have created the saffron museum to help you discover the fabulous history of saffron around the World, together with its spiritual, cooking properties...