The producers’ shop

A selection which offers quality, taste, flavour and heart!

We introduce you to the producers of the Lot, who offer you the chance to discover their organically farmed local produce.

Our collegues producers are passionate about their specialist knowledge and caring for the environment.

Wine, beer and aperitifs

These organic beer and wines are produced in smallholdings.

The aperitifs are produced in a traditional still.

Saffron-based products

Saffron has been cultivated traditionally in Quercy since the middle ages. Discover its flavour – this spice lifts and enhances your dishes.

Duck and pork

These breeders and cooks won a medal "Foire Agricole" and offer succulent foie gras, pâtés, conserves and ready-made dishes... They respect the traditional know-how of their grandparents.

Syrups and jams from the orchard

Feast on these sweet and succulent products from the orchard and organic garden.

Traditional walnut oil

This virgin oil of incomparable taste will embellish your cooking and flavour your salads. Won medal "Foire Agricole".


The black gold of the Limogne plateau. Feast on an exceptional dish.


Cosmetics with ass’s milke

The properties of ass’s milk are good for your health. It nourishes, fortifies and stimulates. It has a hydrating, purifying and regenerating effect on your skin . Organic cosmetics.

Saffron soap

This original organic soap is handmade. Its subtle smell soothes and it hydrates the skin.

Stakes for plants

These ceramic stakes are original. Created by an artist specially for the museum. Unique.