~Home made produce for an enjoyable break ~

I would simply like to offer to share a moment together in this wonderful place.

"Give your taste buds a gourmet treat with local farm and/or organic produce.

As a local saffron producer I should also like to invite you to discover saffron in many of its various forms....

Bon appétit. "

~ Home made sandwiches ~

Freshly made to order to preserve all their flavour

These are wholemeal pitta bread sandwiches for a well balanced meal:

  • Sausage
  • Friton (like a terrine)
  • Vegan

Accompanied by a home made potato galette, crudités ( salad vegetables) and a choice of the day’s sauces according to the season. 

  ~ A sweet note ~

Home made saffron ice cream 

Desserts of the day



~ Drinks ~

Apéritif made with our own organic saffron syrup

Local organic beer made by a craft brewer

Freshly pressed fruit juices on demand



Our ecofriendly approach:

Freshly made sandwiches to order.

Home made sauces using fresh produce.

Local food network sourced from nearby producers using organic or eco friendly methods.

Affordable prices. 

No waste: recycled paper, composting, returnable glass.